Innovatively designed for the anthropometrist versatility as it can be used in different places for it is a fully portable and transportable device. This instrument consists of 3 assembling pieces that include a metallic base, a measure tape with handle and a “T” shaped square base.


It has a magnetized hole to insert the blade´s tip ensuring safety when pulled. The "T" shaped square provides greater support when placing it against a wall at 90 degrees.


It includes a drop level to ensure exact square placement on the wall providing the anthropometrist an accurate size reading. Its flexibility allows the anthropometrist to take foot or sitting height using an additional anthropometric individual bench.


  • Built in anodized aluminum

  • Detachable mechanism

  • Ergonomic grip

  • "T" square with retractable metal tape

  • Drop level

  • 35 x 35 cm anodized aluminum surface

  • Non-Slip base

  • 2 years warranty