Large bone anthropometer made of high quality anodized aluminum. It can be softly operated due to its 25 cm long measuring arms and 10 cm branches the latter rotate on its axis and can be locked at any length to give accurate results while measuring antero-posterior depth, other trunk depths and at anatomical points like biacromial diameter.


This double rule anthropometer is held by delrin plastic "C" brackets that improve gliding and reduce friction when used.

It has a silver rule, with digital black acrylic graduation and red (laser marked) line for easy reading. Built in with allen screws in the back for self-calibration. Available in various colors.


  • Built in anodized aluminum

  • Millimetric scale in digital graduation

  • Measuring arms 25 cm lengh

  • 10cm AP branches that rotate on its axis for better setting

  • Length 550 mm

  • 2 years warranty